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16th Century

1 October 1553 – Mary I is Crowned

Mary I

It was party time in England’s capital in the days leading up to 1 October 1553. A huge crowd of people, many of whom were likely to be feeling the effects of those previous few days, gathered to try and catch a glimpse of their new queen. 37-year-old Mary was the first woman to ascend to the throne of England ...

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Changing Calendars – The Switch to the Gregorian Calendar

The Switch to the Gregorian Calendar

Two hundred and sixty-two years ago, a very strange thing happened.  Everyone in Britain and her North American colonies became part Rip Van Winkle, in that they lost eleven days.  People went to bed on 2 September and awoke to find that it was 14 September 1752.  So where did those days go? And, perhaps more importantly, why? The Gregorian ...

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