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20 October 1720 – The End of the Road for Captain Jack

The Skull and Crossed Cutlasses

‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, Anne Bonny and Mary Read are Captured. On the night of 20 October 1720, Captain Jack Rackham, known as Calico Jack was probably feeling pretty pleased with himself. For a few weeks, he had been pirating around the coast of Jamaica and was meeting little resistance. No-one it seemed was safe from Calico Jack and his crew, ...

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18 September AD 96 – Domitian is Stabbed


Disaffected aristocrats conspire to have the Roman emperor assassinated The Roman emperor Domitian had been ruling the empire for over 15 years by September 96, the longest reign of a Roman emperor since Tiberius. His skills as an administrator had earned him a good reputation as although he concentrated power in his own hands he managed to maintain popularity through ...

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31 August 1888 – Mary Ann Nichols becomes the first victim of Jack the Ripper

A Sinister Fate Awaits the Prostitutes of London's Whitechapel

The body of a homeless prostitute, brutally murdered and mutilated, is discovered in a Whitechapel backstreet It was raining as the bells of London were ringing out the last day of August in the year 1888. The air smelled like thunder was coming, which wasn’t unusual, as the Summer of 1888 had been one of the wettest in memory. A ...

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