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The History of the Knights Templar

A Templar Knight

The Knights Templar was one of the most renowned military organisations of early-modern times, credited with inventing a modern system of banking and gaining a near immeasurable level of wealth as a result. The organisation has also been romanticised in popular culture, with novels such as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code making reference to them, whereas video games such as ...

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18 September AD 96 – Domitian is Stabbed


Disaffected aristocrats conspire to have the Roman emperor assassinated The Roman emperor Domitian had been ruling the empire for over 15 years by September 96, the longest reign of a Roman emperor since Tiberius. His skills as an administrator had earned him a good reputation as although he concentrated power in his own hands he managed to maintain popularity through ...

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24 August AD 79 – Pompeii is Engulfed by Ash

The Destruction of Pompeii as Envisioned in the 2014 movie - Pompeii

Vesuvius erupts with furious violence and devastating results Pliny the Elder, the commander of the Roman fleet, was at home in Misenum, which is just at the Northern end of the Bay of Naples working on some papers after having enjoyed a much deserved and relaxing lunch. He was distracted from his work by his sister who had noticed “a ...

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