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The History of the Submarine

U.S.S. Nautilus

[POWERPRESS] Submarines are one of the more recent military advancements, coming to prominence during the first World War and maintaining a presence in the majority of developed naval fleets ever since. In essence, a submarine, as the name may suggest is a watercraft that allows the crew to submerge and sail under the water. During the era before radar detection, ...

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History of the Nobel Prize

The History of the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is a yearly award which is made available in a number of fields, including literature, peace and physics. It was devised by the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel as a means to formally recognise the men and women who have made a significant contribution to cultural or scientific advancement. It is believed that Nobel was inspired to create ...

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The First Human Heart Transplant

In today’s world organ transplants are surprisingly commonplace. While still a risky procedure whenever they are undertaken, advances in medical science have allowed surgeons to provide the best possible chance for survival to patients suffering from an array of organ defects. Perhaps with no organ is this more important than with the heart. For many years researchers examined ways in ...

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Invention of the World Wide Web

Originally conceived as a way for the United States armed forces to communicate with each other effectively, the precursor to the modern internet, ARPAnet, was a way for the military to quickly and effectively share critical information, regardless of where they were located.  Amazingly, this network, which belonged to the Advanced Research Projects Agency, hence its name was the forerunner ...

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